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Internationally directed grant funding from the United States has increased steadily over the past two decades. For 2016, GivingUSA cites total giving to “international affairs” at around $22 billion. In an increasingly complex and globalized world, many grantmakers now view international engagement as an imperative, and new global initiatives encourage more cross-border and cross-sectoral collaboration. The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals represent one such effort, creating opportunities for international philanthropic involvement on a scale not seen before.

In This Issue

The Summer 2018 PEAK Insight Journal begins with a primer on international grantmaking. Follow along with us this summer as we examine global philanthropy from different angles with articles covering the Sustainable Development Goals, the “closing space” for civil society, diaspora philanthropy, gender lens investing, the international role of community foundations, grantmaking in China, and more. Join us as we explore the ways in which U.S. grantmakers are engaging internationally.

Brad Cameron-Cooper is serving as the Co-Editor of the Summer 2018 Issue of PEAK Insight Journal. Brad is the Communications and Knowledge Management Associate at the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation (WRF). In this capacity, Brad is responsible for supporting staff to ensure data collection, analysis, and storytelling reflect an ongoing connection between the Foundation’s strategic plan and all of WRF’s activities.

Andrzej Kozlowski is Principal at Paragon Philanthropy. He oversees the services Paragon provides to U.S. foundations, donor-advised funds, and corporations in watch list screening, Equivalency Determination, and Expenditure Responsibility. He will be serving as the Guest Editor of our Summer 2018 PEAK Insight Journal.

International Grantmaking: An Overview

International Grantmaking: An Overview

Along with government, the private sector, and civil society, philanthropy is a critical partner in the global response to humanitarian, development, environmental, and other challenges. Some U.S. grantmakers have long recognized their vital role in a globalized world. Others, such as community foundations, are now discovering their relevance and responsibilities on the international stage as the line between local and global challenges has blurred.
First Do No Harm: Reflective Practice for Grantmaking in the International Human Rights Context

First Do No Harm: Reflective Practice for Grantmaking in the International Human Rights Context

When supporting social justice initiatives in countries where human rights are under threat, responsible grantmaking means taking additional steps to avoid putting grant recipients at risk. In keeping with the adage, “first do no harm,” the Arcus Foundation has implemented a self-reflective grantmaking program that involves grant recipients and stakeholders in its design.