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Issue 12


Intermediaries, sometimes called regranters, are not new to philanthropy, but their use and utility are a topic of much discussion these days. At their core, intermediaries connect the dots between donors and grantees, managing the grantmaking process with expertise gained from thousands of similar transactions. In this issue of PEAK Insight Journal, we look at the rise of intermediaries and their increasing influence in philanthropy.

In This Issue

Questioning the value of intermediaries is a good thing: as they exert increasing influence over limited philanthropic dollars, scrutiny is essential to ensuring that funds are used effectively. But ignoring the valuable roles intermediaries often play does a disservice to the sector—and potentially limits our ability to innovate and achieve the social impact goals we care about. In the articles that follow, we aim to illuminate the point that Carol Larson, President and CEO of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, made in her keynote address at the 2016 Conference on Scaling Impact: that the growth of intermediaries is one of the greatest developments of the last five or six years. We will highlight ways in which intermediaries afford donors the flexibility and capacity to more quickly respond to events and to use more tools to match capital to needs on the ground.


This issue of PEAK Insight Journal was guest edited by Krista Batey of Arabella Advisors.