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Invest in Nonprofit Talent – A Social Justice Strategy

Invest in Nonprofit Talent – A Social Justice Strategy

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As part of the PEAK Insight Journal on Social Justice, we are sharing a great tool that grantmakers can use to support social justice and improve talent management for nonprofits.

Fund the People seeks to maximize investment in the nonprofit workforce, believing that when nonprofit workers are thriving, so will their organizations and ultimately their mission-based work. For Fund the People, “it is also a matter of ensuring social justice within the very organizations that work for social justice out in the world.”

Foundations are reporting that they are only using about 1% of grant dollars to support staff development in grantee organizations. Fund the People is advocating for this percentage to increase. This new toolkit will help you start this conversation at your grantmaking organization.

The toolkit will help you:

·         make the case for investing in nonprofit talent

·         provide how-to and discussion guides for investing in talent

·         hear stories from your peers, and

·         increase your support for equity inside your grantee organizations.

Check out the toolkit here.


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